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Boost sales while delivering an outstanding customer experience with Smart Ads Pro leading digital signage solution

Our Client

Integrate Voice Overs With Your Advertisement Videos to Strength Your Brand Identity!

KK Nagar Saravana Stores is a satisfied client with our Designs & Content creation including audio integrated offers & promotion banners

Velayutham stores is satisfied client with our Designs & Content creation including audio integrated offers & promotion banners

Our Esteemed Clients

Our Successfull Project implementation at kk Nagar Saravana Stores,Chennai.

Our Successfull Project implementation at Fantastic Jeyachandran,Pallikaranai,Chennai.

“Creating in-store experiences with digital signage”

A digital signage system delivers rich imagery and exciting videos to viewers via digital displays. When used in grocery stores and supermarkets, digital signage transforms the in-store shopping experience with personalized, real-time, and relevant content. Further, advertisers leverage digital signs to attract customers to differ products. Not only can digital signage create a 31.8% upswing in overall sales volumes, but 19% of customers made impulse purchases after seeing digital ads. 

Promote Daily Deals And Specials with Supermarket Digital Signage Software

  • Run flash sales on your digital price display for supermarkets for any amount of time. 
  • Any promotion can run from only a few minutes to up to a few months.  
  • Build your library with thousands of promotions that can be utilized at any time.  

Digital Signage Software Solution for Retail outlet,Supermarkets,Grocery stores

Smart Ads Pro Digital Signage Software Solution supports you to educate shoppers and empower them to make purchase decisions.This cloud based software with hi-tech Screens is a potential way to influence the purchase decisions of your customers.It also assist your businesses to increase revenue and build a brand image

Enhance your Customer experience at your store by:

Point of purchase (POP) Digital Display:

Product information: Inform shoppers about products available and pricing in real time which improves Sales of the your store. Optimize the customer experience in real time with this digital display to increase revenue.Create new sales and upsell opportunities with this Interactive display

Video wall for Customer Engagement:

  • Display Store information-Complete user guide to the store,Floor information
  • Drive shoppers attention using rich media (Audio,Video,Advertisement,Entertainment ,Infotainment )
  • Engage them like Sharing exciting recipes and health benefits associated
  • Increase in revenue due to the impact of digital promotion

Let your customer know more about you.Integrate your social media pages like facebook,Instagram,Twitter,youtube etc,.

  • Add Impressive Apps & widgets like (Weather,Time,BBC News,OneIndia,Location ,QR Code, google document sheets,etc.,) from Smart Ads Pro’s App store to keep your Digital Signage Up to Date

Advertisement and promo screen:

  • Advertise your store’s own ads,offer banners, promotional banners,videos and much more.
  • Generate additional revenue by advertising other brands Products and Services at your store 

We strive to provide unique digital experience to the world.