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Queue Management System

Queue Management System

Scan QR code on mobile phone and display queue information on digital signage display.


All you need to run your digital signage effectively

Scan QR code - User can scan the QR code on their mobile to get the token number. Alternatively, type in short URL on your mobile phone to get the token number.
User notification - Users can view the currently running token number on mobile. Also, user can be notified on SMS to get ready for his turn.
Multiple Queue - Multiple queue can be managed through this solution. Queues can be labelled as Counter A, Counter B or Doctor David, Doctor Neil etc. and can be displayed in relevant locations.
Admin panel - Queues can be simply managed through admin panel. Admin panel can be easily accessed through mobile and web through secured login. for managing queues - Queue management through mobile and Web
Digital Signage - Users can view the queue on Pickcel digital signage displays. Along with queue other dynamic visual contents can be displayed to engage the viewers.
Report - Daily, weekly and monthly trend of visitors can be evaluated from a report. Reports related to No show, cancellation and transaction time may provide business intelligence to take right decisions.

How it works?


Step: 1

Scan QR Code

Get your token by scanning QR code visible on the display screen

Step: 2

Get Soft Token

After scanning the QR code get token number on your mobile phone

Step: 3

Manage Queue

Queue manager can view the entire list on the display and maneuver it

Step: 4

Token Announcement through display

Display currently running Token announcement along with relevant digital signage content.

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