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Improve Patient Interaction with Healthcare Digital Signage Solutions

Use healthcare digital signage solutions to solve communication challenges with patients and visitors and reduce wait times by up to 35%.

Digital Signage Software Solution for Hospitals

Hospitals and medical centers operate within tight schedules and often with a very lean workforce. Time is, therefore, of the essence in such a setting. Digital signage solutions for hospitals & clinics have a remarkable potential to modernize healthcare delivery.
The result: Accelerated service, improved patient satisfaction, and optimized use of manpower.

Digital Information Boards

Display doctor availability, formalities of patient admissions, phonextensions, or availability of ICU beds and General Hospital information

Waiting Room Infotainment

  • Engage anxious patients with health tips, medical news, yoga charts
  •  Positive patient reviews, inspiring patient recovery stories & more

Branding & Promotions

  • Promote medical services, hospital facilities, specialty,doctors, surgeons 
  • Notify upcoming events, welfare drives, free check-ups, certifications & awards. 
  •  Donors information wall.

Enhance Patient Experience

  • Make the hospital ambience less intimidating. Show soothing visuals on video walls or 4K screens. 
  • Reduce patient ‘Nosocomephobia’ (fear of hospitals) or depression with ASMR sounds.

Internal communication

Share meeting schedules, hospital guidelines, security protocols, changes in duty hours, local shutdown of particular hospital wings due to contamination or renovation, etc

Hospital Directory

  • Interactive  to help patients  with way-finding maps of the premises
  • Various department of your hospital
  • Department extension numbers

Play Emergency Messages

  • During fire or earthquake, the healthcare digital signage can show emergency exits & evacuation protocols. 
  • These screens can also alert doctors about on-site medical emergencies

Digital Menu Boards

The smart ads pro digital signage software comes with a host of free apps. One such app is the digital menu board software app. Display the daily food menu of your hospital cafeteria.

Wayfinding Maps

Manage Appointments with the Queue Management Solution

With queue management application, show real-time patient queue status on your healthcare digital signage screens. Allow visitors to generate soft tokens

Benefits of Digital Signage for Healthcare

Here are a few excellent benefits of adopting healthcare digital signage solutions:

Digital Signage App Stores

Integrate excting Apps like BBC, ESPN, Location, Time, weather, Google Documents, One India, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Fox news, The wall street Journal, QR code and much more to make your screen more engaging

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