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Digital Menu Board App

Manage Your Digital Menu Board On the Go

Smart Ads Pro digital menu app is all about taking that extra load off your shoulder. The digital menu board software offers you the advantage of effortlessly attracting customers, up selling your offerings, and creating a memorable dining experience. Plus, the cloud-based digital menu board software allows you to manage your restaurant’s LED menu screens from any geographical location.

Tempt Your Customers with Attractive Digital Menu Board Templates

Schedule Your Digital Menu

Have a ‘Happy Hour’ for your restaurant patrons? Tired of changing your digital menu manually?Smart Ads pro’s digital menu board software is built for your convenience. It brings you the flexibility of scheduling your digital menu so that your daily grind gets automated

Make Dynamic Changes to Your Digital Menu in No Time

Reflect the news from your restaurant kitchen directly on your digital menu board within seconds. Update your item availability status with just one click and label the out-of-stock items as ‘Sold Out’. Draw attention to your best offerings with ‘Today’s Special’. Ourdigital menu board software allows you to make all dynamic changes to your menu board with the snap of a finger.

Looking to enhance your Guest experience?

  • This hi-tech display with a cloud based software can both inform and inspire your guest by displaying required information
  • Real time welcome information
  • Your Ambiance,Amenities images and videos 
  • General Information sharing
  • Various services at your premises (Saloon, Spa, Gym, Activity area)
  • Events at various venues
  • Restaurant information, Menu details
  • Floor information
  • Maps & Wayfinding & Hotel  directory
  • Displaying engaging content (weather update, nearby good to go location, News feeds, etc.)

World is going digital , What's your excuse to stay behind.